Senator High Sensitivity Smoke Detection (HSSD) Systems is an aspirating smoke detection (ASD) system, designed to provide very early indication of an incipient fire condition.

Senator range of detectors incorporates ClassiFire-3D Perceptive Artificial Intelligence, which allows the detector to configure itself to optimum sensitivity, alarm thresholds and minimum nuisance alarms for any environment.

Protecting Your Investment

Early warning is essential to provide the necessary time to take corrective action and avoid damage to high value assets as well as disruption to operations as a result of a fire incident.

Flexible, Simple, Reliable

The Senator HSSD systems are flexible and simple to install, commission, operate and maintain. The detectors can be integrated with fire extinguishing systems, they can also be interfaced with control and monitoring systems. The Senator detectors have the highest levels of performance and reliability.



Senator HSSD provides total protection in critical applications:

  • When downtime must be minimised.
    Computer rooms, telecommunications facilities, production facilities.
  • Where smoke is difficult to detect in areas with high ceilings or high air flow.
    Atria, warehouses, shopping malls, mosques, indoor stadiums.
  • Where appearances are important and preservation of priceless objects is a priority.
    Modern offices, heritage buildings, museums, palaces, libraries.
  • When extra time is necessary to effect safe and orderly evacuation.
    Airports, hospitals, theatres, cinemas, underground railway systems.
  • In extreme temperature or polluted environment that pose a problem to other types of detector.
    Power plants, paper mills, cold stores.
  • Senator detectors can also be located outside the restricted areas where access is limited.
    Safe deposit box rooms, hospitals, prisons, military arms rooms.


  • Wide range of detector types (all LPCB approved).
  • High sensitivity provided by laser based forward light scatter for reliable early warning.
  • Unique ClassiFire-3D perceptive artificial intelligence system.
  • Laser Dust Discrimination (LDD) with a patented dust management and separator system.
  • RS485 communications for networking and remote communications.
  • APIC address terminals for addressable loops.
  • Interfacing option up to 127 Senator detectors.
  • Command module available for central monitoring, display and control.
  • Remote display option available.

Product Range



Senator 25

•  High sensitivity
•  Small area detection unit


Senator 100

•  High sensitivity
•  Medium area detection unit


Senator 200

•  High sensitivity
•  Large area detection unit






Senator Modulaser

•  Multi-channel
•  High smoke detection