The Solution

Firetrace is a self-activating extinguishing system, utilizes a reliable and highly effective detection tubing to detect and extinguish fires in seconds.

Firetrace Detection Tubing combines leak resistance, flexibility, durability and precise temperature sensitivity, allowing it to react quickly when the heat from a fire is present. It is designed to rupture when exposed to a fire’s radiant heat, which automatically triggers the release of the fire extinguishing agent.

Protecting Your Micro-environment

Designed for simple installation, Firetrace systems can be installed in any enclosed space, often near to the source of a potential fire. It is a cost-effective solution to the problem of “micro-environment” fire protection, where the hazard is typically contained within a critical enclosure, such as equipment, machines, vehicles, or storage compartments.

As Firetrace takes the fire detection and extinguishing inside of the hazard, a growing fire can be mitigated, thus preventing the spread of fire to other parts of the room or even the building. As a result, fire damage, costs associated with cleanup and downtime are significantly reduced.

Fast, Simple, Reliable

  • Extinguish directly at source of fire.
  • Easy to install – follows cable routes.
  • Detect and extinguish a small fire before it grows.
  • Firetrace Detection Tubing is electrically non-conductive.
  • Flexible tubing provides protection in difficult and hard to reach areas.
  • Rugged tubing can be used in harsh environments.
  • Compatible with most commercially available fire extinguishing agents, including clean agents, foam and dry chemical.
  • Completely self-contained, do not require electrical power and remain operational during power outages.
  • Available feature for integration with fire control systems.
  • Major listings and approvals from UL, ULC, FM, CE and etc.
  • Supported by a network of over 250 distributors worldwide.

How It Works


Direct Release System

The Direct Release System utilizes the Firetrace Detection Tubing as both the fire detecting sensor and extinguishment delivery device.

In the event of a fire, the portion of the tube nearest the hottest point of the fire ruptures, forming a discharge “nozzle”. The pressure drop in the tube releases the entire contents of the cylinder through this nozzle, extinguishing the fire where it starts.


Indirect Release System

With the Indirect Release System, the Firetrace Detection Tubing is used as a detection-only device.

When the tubing ruptures the pressure is released, allowing the valve to operate and release the extinguishing agent through a separate network of braided hose or copper/stainless steel tubing to one or more strategically placed nozzles within the protected enclosure.

Firetrace has more than 150,000 systems installed, protecting critical equipment worldwide, including:

Electrical Cabinets

  • Data centers, communications & UPS cabinets, medical equipment, switchgears, transformers.

Machining Equipment

  • EDM machines, enclosed automated milling machines, welding machines, plastic injection molding machines.

Industrial Equipment

  • Forklifts, paper pulping machines, mobile cargo equipment, plant machinery.

Fume Cabinets

  • Chemical storage & production, R&D labs, pharmaceutical labs, university & school labs.

On-Road Vehicles/Mass Transit

  • Electric trains, buses, emergency vehicles, airport control towers.