Aquasafe applies water, the most natural of substances, as a fine mist. It is a risk-specific solution for numerous fire threat situations and has the following outstanding features:

  • Highly efficient fire suppression capability with minimal water usage.
  • Customised engineered solutions for risk-specific fire protection.
  • Wide range of applications.


Water is potentially an outstanding physically-acting agent as a result of its exceptionally high heat capacity and latent heat of vaporisation.

It works by reducing the flame temperature to a level where the combustion radical chain reactions cannot be sustained, and by cooling the fuel sources to below their auto ignition temperatures.

Aquasafe offers the additional benefits of thermal radiation attenuation, removal of a proportion of airborne smoke particulates and the absorption of water-soluble toxic and irritant gases.

The use of water as a fine mist from stand-alone system provides a highly efficient means of fire protection requiring considerably less agent than is associated with traditional deluge and spray systems.


System Design Features

Aquasafe systems are offered as stand-alone packages having agent capabilities of 50 – 2,000 litres suited to a wide range of petrochemical/offshore and general industrial applications.

  • System capability backed by comprehensive full scale test programmes.
  • Automatic/manual control according to requirements.
  • Low costs ownership.
  • Water vessel designed and tested in accordance.
  • Gas is pressure-regulated to maintain optimum performance characteristic throughout discharge.
  • Single fluid low pressure nozzles offer optimum droplet size, flow rate and spray coverage characteristic.

Optional Features

  • IP-rated equipment and flame/explosion-proof components.
  • Skid or field-mounted timer unit for programmed discharge sequence.
  • Multiple risk protection by concurrent discharge into several zones or by selective discharge using distribution valves.
  • Water level determined visually or by remote monitoring.
  • High pressure switch offers confirmation of system discharge.
  • Low pressure switch ensures constant monitoring of stored gas pressure.
  • System test facility with water diverted to drain.
  • Weatherproofed and frost protected cabinets for exposed locations.
  • Possibility of mixing with low concentration film-forming foam additive.


  • Oil and Gas Industry
    Process plants, production facilities, gas turbines and other rotating machinery.
  • Power Generation
    Turbines, generator sets, fuel handling units, boilers.
  • Manufacturing and Industrial
    Process pumps and mixers, spray booths, welding areas, bulk conveyors, liquid hydrocarbon, flammable liquids and other flammable chemicals stores.
  • Offshore
    Numerous fire protection applications including power units and escape corridors.